• Mark Lamb
    Mark Lamb

    Mark is the founder/owner of DFW RV Roof in Denton, a small business owner for many years. Mark has the experience as a successful businessman. As a long-time partner in a very successful DFW area Honda motorcycle dealership, he recently sold his interest to start DFW RV in Denton, TX, the 7th Authorized Service Center in the U.S. for application of Flexarmor.

    Prior to the motorcycle business, Mark was employed by Teledyne Merla, where he assembled, serviced and lab tested Oilfield equipment.

    Mark also earned an FAA Airframe and Power plant Mechanics license while working part time.

    In his spare time, Mark enjoys riding motorcycles, mountain biking, RV’ing, and BBQ’ing. He has competed in several Baja 1000 races and has raced motocross and cross-country for 23 years.

  • Lee Ives
    Lee Ives

    Lee comes to DFW RV Roof from Demilec USA where he serviced and sold Graco Equipment. This is the same equipment used to apply Flexarmor to RV roofs. Lee is responsible for taking care of the FlexArmor application equipment.

    Lee served the U.S. Navy as a Helicopter Airframe tech. Lee is a graduate from MMI and has experience servicing motorcycles and building custom rides. As a fabricator, carpenter, and a person with many skills, Lee brings a wide range of talent to DFW RV Roof.

    In his spare time, Lee enjoys mountain biking, and camping with his family.

  • Doug White
    Doug White

    Doug comes to DFW RV Roof with 46 years experience in the RV Industry. His sales, repair expertise and enthusiasm shows in his knowledge of the product. Doug also operated his own Mobile RV repair service along with his brother, Dewayne.

    Doug also comes with experience in the motorcycle business. His last job was with a DFW area motorcycle dealership prior to being hired by DFW RV Roof.

    In his spare time, Doug enjoys riding motorcycles and fishing the North Texas lakes.

  • DeWayne White
    DeWayne White

    Dewayne also comes to DFW RV Roof with 45 years experience in the RV Industry. His entire career has been in sales and service of RVs. Dewayne also operated his own Mobile RV repair service along with his brother, Doug. He knows RV products inside and out.

    Dewayne is one of the original DFW RV Roof techs to receive the training necessary to apply Flexarmor.

    In his spare time, Dewayne enjoys riding off–road motorcycles and fly-fishing.

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