Flex Armor®

What is RV FlexArmor® and what makes it different from other RV roof options?

RV FlexArmor® is the pioneer in sprayed RV roof technology and provides the ultimate RV roof solution no matter what your situation.

Dry in 6 seconds, 187 mils thick

Sprayed on, not rolled or brushed

Written Lifetime No Leak Guarantee

Most Major Insurance approved

All Work performed indoors

  • No more caulking joints on your RV roof. FlexArmor ® is the on alternative RV roof system that guarantees, in writing, your roof will never leak again. You ever have a problem with a seal, we fix it, no fine print.
  • Durability- FlexArmor® is an extremely tough material that is 3/16 of an inch thick or 187 mils. With it’s tensile strength of +-3500 psi, it is virtually indestructible. FlexArmor® is the only 3/16 inch thick RV roof available in the industry.
  • Due to the 6 second gel time, FlexArmor® is the only roof that can maintain a 3/16 inch thickness on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Flexibility- RV roofs experience moving and twisting while traveling and expansion and contraction from temperature changes. FlexArmor® is a pure polyuria designed with these traits in mind so it maintains is over 600% elongation in all weather conditions, no matter how cold or how hot.
  • Longevity- No other RV roof product has the UV resistance of a pure polyuria. FlexArmor® can withstand direct UV exposure for over 20 years before showing signs of deterioration. Our specialized white topcoat of our FlexArmor® roofing system is a UV blocker the protects your roof from any UV for 20 years at a time. This combination ensures your lifetime roof will truly be the last the lifetime of your RV and be the last roof you ever need.
  • Written no leak guarantee- The FlexArmor® isn’t just on materials and labor. Every roof is guaranteed not to leak. No small print, no hidden excuses, our guarantee covers materials, labor and no leaks.
  • Reputation- Every FlexArmor® roof is applied by authorized applicators with established, fixed locations. Before joining the FlexArmor® network of applicators, each location is vetted for good reputation, honest business dealings and quality work. You can rest assured your FlexArmor® roof is top quality and there is a network of stable, fixed locations across the country to assist you with anything that might come up with your FlexArmor® roof.
  • Controlled environment for all work. FlexArmor® roofs are all applied indoors. Your RV will never be exposed to rain or changing weather conditions while it has no caulking on the seams, repairs are being made to wood or when your air conditioners are removed. Every unit is wrapped in plastic to protect the exterior and nothing is removed from the unit until it is indoors.
  • Proven in the industry. FlexArmor® roofs can be found across the country and even Canada. References are gladly given, our past customers are our best sales people. One past customer was so sold on his roof, he became an applicator.
  • Repairability. Catastrophes happen. If you ever manage to damage your FlexArmor® roof or have to have body work done the requires cutting the roof, only the damaged area needs to repaired. You’ll never need to replace your whole roof again.
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